Monday, November 27, 2006

International Buskers Festival

There’s this International Buskers Festival going on for the whole week of last. It was fantastic to watch. They are damn good in all their talents. They are nice and friendly people as well, easy to approach. The festival was organized by the Tourism Malaysia. It was really a success; they come from various countries such as, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and etc. The opening ceremony for the event was so grand and they eventually came with a parade. The costumes are imported from Brasil and most of the performers are from Soka Gakkai Malaysia. The costumes were so nice and colourful and it really brings up the whole cherish and happening mood in Dataran Merdeka for that night. Dataran Merdeka is ALIVE…!!!

OK, some of you might not know what I am talking about. What is Buskers? Buskers are people who perform on streets to earn some money. It can be any forms of entertainment to entertain the people on streets.

On Saturday midnight, there’s a Buskers Party on streets at Asian Heritage Row by Carlsberg. It was great… get to see how they swallow fire and how they play with fires. Even acrobatics, jokes, juggling of knives, walk on knives and etc. 3sa, Li Yian, Melvin , and I was there from 12am till 3.30am.

This is an annual event, but next year the venue is yet to be confirmed. Very soon there will be a local buskers festival going on as well. Will update everyone when I get to know when….

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something sHocKinG happen today during my semester exam... =) vEry sUrpRising...

This is the Malaysian version of RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT..!!!
Today is my 1st day of semester 2 exam, things are going quite normal after lunch... We are preparing to go for our 2nd paper, everyone was as usual panic and nervous and serious in their look. 1pm sharp is our 2nd paper, everyone was seated down and waiting for the moment to write/answer the question paper... This is the time the shocking thing happen... we were being told before the exam that there will be about 13 pages of article as our case study, but what we have in front of us is only 1 piece of QUESTION paper...???!!!
Then we told the examiner about it, then she went and check. After 10mins, she told us that we have to wait for 30mins, then another 30mins, and then another last our Annex/Article of the case study arrived.... It took us 1 hour 30 mins just sitting in the exam hall doing nothing... this is really a crap story man....!!! The reason they gave us was so called "TECHNICAL" problem... Wasted our time... and that basically affected our spirit of doing that particular paper. All this should be done/prepared weeks ago. Just don't understand what was their issue...???
I think this is the very 1st time having this kind of unexpected situation...happening in my college... I'm not sure will this kind of so called "TECHNICAL" problem occur again... ? Sigh...!!!
Just can't imagine this kind of JOKE really happen in my life... we really don't know whether to laugh or to be angry... because we are leaving very soon... maybe the college wanted us to have an unforgetable memories...
Till then, I can't wait to go for my WORKSHOPS...PARTY...BATIZADO...!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

3rd Bantus Capoeira Festival

Whoa... lately really busy and all my schedules are messed up. So, I think I have to postpond my cover for my French trip experience with you all. Now, I really need to share and update anyone of you out there reagarding an upcoming event organised by Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. It's the 3rd Annual Batizado by Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. All the Bantus Capoeiristas from Brazil, Australia, Singapore, and visitors from Thailand will be coming down to Kuala Lumpur for this huge/big and exciting event. The event is week long event starting from Monday-20th November 06' until Sunday-26th November 06'.

The event consist of workshops, party, street rodas, Batizado and etc... The Batizado is basically a ceremony for the Capoeiristas to exchange their cord for a higher level. But, for the beginners will be for them to be 'baptize' or known as welcome to the Bantus family. The workshpos are conducted by Mestre Pintor (Brasil Academy), Professor Gringo (Australia Academy), Instructor Claudinho (Singapore Academy), Instructor Rafael (Malaysia Academy), and Instructor Quek (Malaysia Academy).
Other than that, we do have street rodas which is we play on streets exactly like how it's played in Brazil. This is also to create an awareness for the public. Let them know the existance of GRUPO BANTUS CAPOEIRA MALAYSIA. For the capoeiristas from Malaysia can get the chance to play with our foreign guests. To exchange our skills, knowledge, experience, and etc.
The party is basically for everyone, performance will be put on by senior students, instructors and special guests. There will be Samba Dances going on after the performances...
For more information, please check out our website which is for more details of this event. Or just click on the title...
Till then... See you all there...!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My French study trip Oct 06' - BD 17

This is a very late update to my friends who are concern on reading my blog. Everything is not settled down yet, due to dealing with a lot of stuff. Lots of things coming up this month after my trip. Anyway, will talk about what's up lately a bit later. Hehehe...
Just to share in summary about my trip to France. My whole degree class are involved in this study trip and we will spend our entire 2 weeks in France. Places that we are 'exposed' to are Toulouse, Foix, Mirepoix, Gaillac, and Carcassonne. The places that I've just mention are places that we visited. We spend most of our time in Toulouse and Foix. It's a long journey to travel from Malaysia to France. After the 12 hours of flight, most of us can't even feel our butt =) don't even think about the travelling after when we touch down in Paris followed by the 3 hours of city tour on bus. Then 6 hours travelling in the TGV which is their fast train to Toulouse and then at last reaching in Foix after 2 hours later in the bus. LOL...
So, after around a 23+ hours of travelling, then we get our chance to rest and sleep. When we reach Foix is already 11pm+ and the whole town is asleep. Most of us were so tired until they can't sleep after their shower. Guess what? Me and my roomates had a cold bath and the water is freaking freezing. Exactly like using melted ice to shower. Some of my friends went out and touring around the quiet town.
The Chateau de Foix is really a nice place to visit. This is exactly a French version of Great Wall. I think it will be just a small part of Great Wall...Hehehe... The view was fantastic from the top. There will be a photo of the Chateau from the early in the morning and in the night. It's a totally different feel seeing it.
Have stop here... to be continue...