Friday, April 13, 2007

I've made through my Degree...thanks to you all out there.

Yahoo..!!! After 4 years of study in Taylor's College, at last i've made it through. Now I'm so relief due to there's no more exams and assignments to woried about. Hahaha.. Time really flies, and most of us are going to go on our seperate ways. Some people start woking, some people continue Master Programme, some just chilling around, some sourcing for jobs and etc. I'm really satisfied of what I have now. Eventhough I didn't really score a very good grade but I think what I have now is more than enough. As long as I'm holding a Bachelor Degree on hand.
Luckily that I have my family and my close friends that help me go through this bumpy and slippery road.

While doing my Dissertation, I'm really struggling but my family and friends are there to help me. Even my friend from UK motivates and hold me up when I'm down in the mud. I really take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them. If not because of you guys, I won't made it through my Dissertation.

Strive harder and never give up until the last minute. Congratulations to those who made it through as well...!!!