Thursday, June 29, 2006

Spending a great time in Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland here I come...!!! My little cousie has planned all these for me and at the same time she can have fun as well. She's a very cute and smart little gal. She's so adorable and her mind is full of surprises for everyone. This is my 1st time to Disneyland at this age, but when I was 5 yrs old I went to Wonderland in Sydney, Australia. The entrance of Disneyland Hong Kong is full and packed with people from China,Hong Kong, and other foreign travellers because it was a Saturday and the weather is hot. The theme park is really wide and spacious. While you enter the entrance, you can hear the most unique and nice music from the Walt Disney. There are speakers around everywhere. You can see your favourite cartoon characters walking around and taking pictures with the kids and adults. Basically everyone there is back to their childhood memories. I enjoyed the Golden Mickey Theater and the Simba Show. Nevertheless, Disney on Parade, and the Mickey's Philhar Magic (3D Theater). The Mickey's Philhar Magic is so special due to their special effect which is when the screen shows splashing of water and there are real water sprinkled towards all the audience. These are the most special performance and as well as the rest of the rides. I enjoy 1 of the ride which is The Space Mountain, it was a thrilling ride and exciting. After that, we went to play the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which is helping Commander Buzz Lightyear to shoot and to destroy Zurg. Hahaha...I can't really shoot well like my cousie and my aunty, they are better than me. Nyway, I took pictures with most of the cartoon character e.g. Mickey & Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, Chip & Dale, Pluto, Princess Aurora, and etc. Can't manage to take picture with Snow White, Buzz Lightyear, Sleeping Beauty, and the rest. We went for the Jungle River Cruise, there are lots of surprises and the captain of the boat have lots of sense of humor while explaining and guiding the tour. Then, I went to take picture with most of the main cartoon character and everyone is queueing up for the same thing. It was so hot and I'm sweating like noones business. You guys can see from the picture, even Mickey, Goofy, and Donald helps to fan me and show me signs to cool down. Hahaha...Everyone go for shopping at their souvenir outlet, people are shopping for t-shirts, mugs, soft toys, key-chains, chocolates & candies, and etc. When night falls, everyone will gather in front of the Sleeping Beauty's Castle to watch the fireworks show.

The only words that I can hear is 'whoa...' because everyone is amazed by the fireworks show. After the show, everyone is heading towards the main entrance of Disneyland with a very exhausted yet relaxed expression, but in their heart is still very excited and cheerful because The Magical World of Disneyland has created a magical experience for them... It was really a world of Magic...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Having fun with Grupo Capoeira Brasil Hong Kong

Whoa... I'm actually having holiday in Hong Kong, but this trip is a bit more educational in a way. Hehehe... not in my Hospitality Management Theory, but in my Capoeira training. I got the chance to meet up a different group in Hong Kong. They are the Grupo Capoeira Brasil Hong Kong. I meet up with Instructor Chumbinho who is currently taking care of the group here.

They haven't got their own academy yet, so Instructor have to travel to different places to teach in the sports centres. Tonight I ended up with one of his class which is located at Kowloon Park. The class was not too packed tonight, just around 8 student including me. normally they have about 15 - 20 students. It was a great training exposure with them and I picked up a few training drills tonight and we change partners quite often.

I know the moves we do but I just can't get the names right. I'll write it down next time. Sorry mates ! These Capoeiristas here are quite easy going guys, they really have fun in the class and they really enjoy playing Capoeira.

Especially when they are playing in the roda with thier instructor. I tried my very best to play in the roda and with everyone. They are good and they really apply what they've just learned. I've got a few advice from the Instructor after I've played with him, it's a good game. I really enjoy myself. Guys, it's fun to get to know other Capoeiristas.

Not to worry, I will keep this blog updated... Cos I will still be training with the Instructor for a few more classes and with different Capoeiristas. I will join their public roda in Mong Kok on the 25th June and as well as their 1st Anniversary on the 29th June.

Valeu karat, boa noite...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

being so exhausted and tired of exams...friends are leaving too...

Was being so exhausted and tired after a whole week of EXAMS... Every night stay up until 3am or 4am. Putting on weight as well, cos everytime after our study group finishes, we will go 'yam cha'. I don't know why, I'm eating 'nasi lemak' for most of the nights. Then my stomach will be steaming in side and sometimes like simmering water. Hehehehe...
I think I know why am I so exhuasted, cos we are actually discussing and arguing our topic and stressing to know the answer. I can say that, this gruop of friends are very different from others. We can even make jokes and teasing each other during the discussion and revision. The topic of laughter will be 'me'. But sometime I'm lucky so I can escape from the teasing part. Anyway, we are free from exams and now having holidays.....yeah...
The sad part for me is that, some of my friends are leaving Malaysia and going back to their own country. The Finnish students are leaving, my 2 capoeira mates are leaving too. Contente is leaving for Brazil then Canada, Asad will be going to China... These people are fantastic people, they are friendly, kind, cheering, playful and etc.... I am going to miss you guys... 'sob sob'... As I said, memories are always sweet... Cheers to you all and all the best i future....

We shall meet again...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My expereince towards playing Capoeira...

Capoeira is basically a very unique martial-art form. It's an Afro-Brazilian martial-art whereby consists of martial-art, dance, songs, music, fitness training, rituals, games, history, language, culture and etc.

I joined Capoeira is all after the movie called 'ONLY THE STRONG' acted by Mark Dacascos. That time I'm still very young about 13yrs old maybe.
I can say that I'm quite fortunate enough to join the group named, Grupo Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. Basically this is my 1st martial-art background after 20yrs.

From the day I started playing or training Capoeira until today is nearly 10 months. I can say that, there are still a long way to go in order to know and to feel more about Capoeira spirits. The basic movements plays a very important role in Capoeira and it builds the inner strength out from our individual body. Capoeira is not only about how to fight or do any acrobatics moves...

It's also about Brazilian culture,history and customs. At least now I can only count from 1-10 in Brazilian Portuguese.

1st of all, I don't really like histories but I just don't know how I can remember about the history of Capoeira. The beginning of the training will be tough, but after when your body get used to the strecthes and the control of your body and soul. You will enjoy the game and the martial-art.
Other than only doing 'ginga','negativa','meia lua','armada','compasso',queixada', and etc.

I get to learn how to play the very unique instrument called Berimbau.
It represent Capoeira and it is the main instrument compared to the Atabaque(floor drum/Conga) and Pandeiro (tamarind).

Other than that, I learn how to sing the Capoeira songs. It will be in my head like for the whole week o even worse. That is the good thing, but I can't lead in the roda because I'm still struggling to sing out from my throat. Everything takes time to learn and to adapt. Practice makes improvement not perfect. At the starting point, I felt pressured and wanted to acheive a certain level in the whole training and game. Until I talk to my seniors and my instructor, I realise that Capoeira is an on-going training and we can't give ourselves pressure. We have to enjoy the game and the training. Train without pressure can really make a differnce.

Now, I can see my progression in the whole game of Capoeira. Basically the comments are from my instructor and my seniors who train with me and trying their best to mould and drill me. They spill out whereever is my mistakes and weakness. Then they will correct me and support me. In this whole Capoeira game is all about supporting and cheering for your friends in the game. But fortunately I have a group of training mates that train with me and we have fun together.

The pictures which are in this blog are basically the activities and the happy moments of me and the rest of the Capoeiristas from Grupo Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. As well as the Grupo Taylor's Bantus Capoeira Club, they are still very fresh and they enjoy themselves during training and they really communicate well to each other. Basically, Capoeira is a very big family and Bantus is not small as well. We will try our very best to grow this Bantus family.