Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Paintball War Game by Batch 17 18th Sept 06'

Yesterday was the BOMB man…!!! At last I get to experience and play Paintball War Game... YAHOO..!!! The game was actually delayed until quite late, but my classmates just found a game to entertain themselves called ‘大風吹…吹什麽?’ ‘da feng chui…chui shen me?’ This game is similar to Simon Says. I didn’t play this for so long since after primary school, it really flashes back some of the sweet old memories. When the markers and the canisters are ready, everyone grabs their mask, vest, and some of them got jumpsuit, then they are prepared to go for WAR….!!! Before that, we all got a briefing from one of their marshals about the instructions of how to use the markers and the rules of the game. After that, the spirits of war is in their body. Guys…! Lets enter the WAR ZONE…. AARRGHHH….
People out there, remember this; do not under estimate girls… they are mean machines man… RESPECT them….. They fight like guys as well. Basically, I got whacked up badly by my girl classmate. During the game, you will see their team work and their fighting spirit just to achieve/accomplish their goal and mission. The way they shoot each other and the way they help their comrades during the WAR… SALUTE to all that participated in the game yesterday. After my game, I took the opportunity to grab some nice shots of the action of my classmates during their fight. Jay John says that when I’m on the ground taking photos, I look like Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Hahahaha… I am really amazed of my own photography skills, the satisfactory feeling is there. Everyone really had fun and the feeling of Paintball. Most of us got a mark or scar on our body after the game. Thanks to my classmates taking the initiative to organize this game. GOOD GAME BATCH 17…!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my convocation @ KL Convention Centre...Plenery Hall 10th September 2006

YAA...HHOOOooo...!!! Im a higher diploma holder now....!!!
Sunday was my Convocation for my Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management. As usual lah!, we finish our exams last year December, but we are having our convocation the following year.... Basically the celebration MOOD...is not there anymore. Tak ada 'UMMH'...Not really that excited but 'still ecited'..hehehe... My parents came all the way from Kuching to attend my convocation and I spend my whole weekend with them. We went fo rnice food and I talk non stop to them.. Basically sharing what I've gone through during my stay in KL for this whole year. Ooopss... Lari Topik !

Back to KL Convention Centre, I reached there approximately 11.30am. The registration counter was already in a long queue as well as the collection of robe. Students are getting more early to reach there due to experience. After my registration and collection of robe, I met my classmates and we all started to be a bit excited, and started to take photos. Individual photo, group photo, pair photo, posing photo, and etc. At that moment, we were like stars of the day. Hheheheh... some say that the picuture will be posted in newspapers as headline (just kidding)...

Lecturers greeting us and Congratulate us...then the most important thing to see is the proud and happy faces of our parents.... Normal routine wil be done, e.g. walk to the hall, go on stage to collect our scroll, greet the guests and lecturers, and etc... then lastly the high tea... nice. This year's convocation, is much shorter than last year. the plenery hall is so cosy. The speech from the invited guest is not really that interesting... most of the students were fallen asleep...hehehehe...cos the hall was so cosy.... that's the whole convocation of mine...