Wednesday, May 31, 2006

time flies...things change...

Things nowadays can really just change after a click or a blink. The Finnish students are going to leave soon and in my circle of friends will short of a few in KL, but my network is growing all the way to Finland.

Just a few blink,they are leaving and now I am an undergraduate and I'm starting to seek for employment or a place for my internship. Trying to go overseas but is not that easy as it seems, there are lots of paperwork and research to be done... I'm feeling like sitting in a rollercoaster or a mary-go-round in this period of time.

Maybe is just a beginning and this will pass and very soon...'I hope'...!
there's a saying, :'whenever after a rain comes, there will be a sunny day.'
I hope my sunny day will come...very soon....