Wednesday, August 23, 2006

arts & earth = Save our environment...

Sorry people... I'm always late for my blog. Sometimes I'm having difficulties in putting my point of views into words... not to worry, will try more harder then before.

Arts and Earth is really a nice campaign, if you were there to visit you will have the same feelings. The environment of KLPAC was fantastic, it's so calm and relax. That is a place that can have outdoor activities, e.g. Capoeira, Gravaty Paintings, Outdoor Games, and etc. It has a very Western type of feeling. Damn nice, if you guys want to experience it, visit KLPAC now..!!!

This event is basically an event that creates an awareness to everyone about the importance of our environment. We need to save them before it's too late. Most of our rivers are polluted by those chemical waste and rubbish. Do you think that we are drinking clean water everyday if these rivers are not save by us? Everyone can make a difference out of it when we realized that we are eventually drinking water from dirty drains, toilets, polluted water and etc.

Other than water, recycle of paper, cans, and etc... are part of saving our environmentas well. Try not to use too much of plastic bags and use the cloth bag and it can be reuse again during shopping and etc...

Merchandise such as t-shirts, CDs', and postcards are sold there as well but those are funds to save our rivers. Please check out the link of Arts & Earth to know more about the event dates and activities.

Till then, peace out !!!