Monday, April 07, 2008

Dance Quake Competition - LA Bummers

Last 2 weeks were very hectic to me. I was involved in a dance competition and it was choreographed by Teresa Chian - Art Director of Living Arts Studio, a very energetic friend of mine. It was so sudden that I've made that choice. What makes me make that choice was, i think it will be a great experience and no harm trying new things.

At the same time getting to know more friends and the process was damn tough and everyone was struggling through the training part. We only get to train at night starting from 8.30pm / 9pm onwards until 12am. continously everyday except Wednesday. this is similar to a dance camp, dancing is not that simple as it looks like. We need to coordinate our body with all kinds of movements and directions. Not only that, dancing is not about counting steps... it is all about dancing from the heart with feelings and style.

Our team was so called named as "LA Bummers"... Our group was mixture of the following elements of choreography i.e. Contem dance, Breakdance, Capoeira, Club Style, and etc. There are some humour part and cute part of the whole dance sequence. LA Bummers are formed by 6 dancers; Freida, Valerie Chian, Yvonne, Malcolm, Sky, and Kevin.

We've done our very best during the competition and I did some mistakes and i am as usual nervous. In conclusion, I danced and i like the feel of it. People out there who had never dance before, you people should give it a try. This is the way you express yourself, freely....