Thursday, June 29, 2006

Spending a great time in Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland here I come...!!! My little cousie has planned all these for me and at the same time she can have fun as well. She's a very cute and smart little gal. She's so adorable and her mind is full of surprises for everyone. This is my 1st time to Disneyland at this age, but when I was 5 yrs old I went to Wonderland in Sydney, Australia. The entrance of Disneyland Hong Kong is full and packed with people from China,Hong Kong, and other foreign travellers because it was a Saturday and the weather is hot. The theme park is really wide and spacious. While you enter the entrance, you can hear the most unique and nice music from the Walt Disney. There are speakers around everywhere. You can see your favourite cartoon characters walking around and taking pictures with the kids and adults. Basically everyone there is back to their childhood memories. I enjoyed the Golden Mickey Theater and the Simba Show. Nevertheless, Disney on Parade, and the Mickey's Philhar Magic (3D Theater). The Mickey's Philhar Magic is so special due to their special effect which is when the screen shows splashing of water and there are real water sprinkled towards all the audience. These are the most special performance and as well as the rest of the rides. I enjoy 1 of the ride which is The Space Mountain, it was a thrilling ride and exciting. After that, we went to play the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which is helping Commander Buzz Lightyear to shoot and to destroy Zurg. Hahaha...I can't really shoot well like my cousie and my aunty, they are better than me. Nyway, I took pictures with most of the cartoon character e.g. Mickey & Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, Chip & Dale, Pluto, Princess Aurora, and etc. Can't manage to take picture with Snow White, Buzz Lightyear, Sleeping Beauty, and the rest. We went for the Jungle River Cruise, there are lots of surprises and the captain of the boat have lots of sense of humor while explaining and guiding the tour. Then, I went to take picture with most of the main cartoon character and everyone is queueing up for the same thing. It was so hot and I'm sweating like noones business. You guys can see from the picture, even Mickey, Goofy, and Donald helps to fan me and show me signs to cool down. Hahaha...Everyone go for shopping at their souvenir outlet, people are shopping for t-shirts, mugs, soft toys, key-chains, chocolates & candies, and etc. When night falls, everyone will gather in front of the Sleeping Beauty's Castle to watch the fireworks show.

The only words that I can hear is 'whoa...' because everyone is amazed by the fireworks show. After the show, everyone is heading towards the main entrance of Disneyland with a very exhausted yet relaxed expression, but in their heart is still very excited and cheerful because The Magical World of Disneyland has created a magical experience for them... It was really a world of Magic...