Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Last Week was a Rush Week for me... 15th July 06'

Wow, I need a break man. Last week was a hectic week for me, got lots of meet ups to do and activities going on. Before Sheau Lan left, meet her up for lunch and tea. Then my normal capoeira class in Taylor's College and my own training in the Academy. Suddenly last Saturday, I became a photographer to help my friend to take photo for his brother's marriage registration ceremony. That was really an experience, witnessing all the procedures and documentations, and the process. Then lastly, you will hear the most important line which is 'now I pronounce you husband and wife'. That is really fun man... Get to feel the feeling of a newly wedds couple and you will automatically feel happy for them and wish them prosperity and together forever.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Celebration of Adrian's Birthday at Red Box Karaoke

Hey, I am glad that my friend Adrian invited me for his birthday and we eventually gave him a nice gift before we went to Red Box. We were having our normal training and we gave him a nice birthday roda. He will get additional 2 more rodas for tomorrow and this coming Saturday street roda at Bangsar. Happy Birthday again Adrian. Hope you really have a nice and enjoyable celebration.

Everyone really sing in the karaoke room. We have buffet dinner and we have cakes to eat. Hehehe... The most happening part is when there is a song whereby noone knows how to sing, everyone will just simply sing out something and the mood is just there. During the cake session, everyone was so crazy until after the birthday song, they selected a chinese new year song to be the background song for the cake cutting session.

After the whole thing, the mood went down and left about 15 minutes, whenever there are songs to sing, they will just sing until the 1st part of the chorus then they will change to the next song due to limited time. Hehehe... After the whole thing, everyones voice are rough and our throat are so dry out. We conclude the night 'yam cha' at Restaurant Rafi in SS15.

Till then good night and Happy Birthday to Adrian. 11 July 2006

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Emotional moment... Brazil lost to France. How can that be ?

The match of Brazil vs France is an important match for the Brazillian fans. Even I'm not really into football, but I will still want to watch the match. The game of last night was really in pressure. The Frnech team are playing marking style, because whenever Ronaldinho gets the ball, there will be 3 French attacking him. Then when Ronaldo gets the ball, before he can enter the penalty box, he got kicked down by the French. The Brazilians really playing hard this morning. They got quite a number of opportunity to score wrong timing. Ronaldinho's corner kicks was good but the timing and the adjustment of the team mates is not right, then missed out and the French will just kick the ball out. Sigh !
The most frustrated part was during the last few extra minutes, when Ronaldinho got the ball and he manage to cut through the French and heading towards the goal, but the referee just blow the whistle and gave a free kick to the French team. I mean there is no faul but whyblow the whistle...? Why..? How can that be... ?
The French team is lucky to have 2 good players in their team which is Henry and Zidane. Henry is a dangerous player because he got a pairs of sharp eyes, and whenever he gets the ball, there will be a high possibility for him to score. That's how he plays for Arsenal Football Club.
Nyway, Brazillians never give up that easily... I believe that after 4 years later, Brazil will definitely get back the cup...