Sunday, November 18, 2007

Work, Passion & Interest

Every individuals have their own sets of definition about WORK, PASSION, & INTEREST...
Majority of people will say: 'you can't have work, passion, & interest together'. Work is more like a career to everyone and basically elder generations will highlight to us, that we have to work hard toearn a living. There is no such things as passion / interest that can bring you fortune. But around us, there are lots of people that have passion & interest which brings them fortune. i.e. designers, singers, actors, writters, professional footballers, tennis players, swimmers, chefs, bar tenders, and etc.
In Chinese saying, they say 'every profession is a profession' ,‘行行出状元’。 This is the word that drive me to do all sorts of stuffs. I understand that, there are no limitations to whatever you want to do. It is only the matter of priority. Priorities are individual as well, no one can fix a priority to you or me either. Only me myself can measure my own weights and to find out which is my priorities and duties.
I shall say that, people that work with their passion & interest can really bring them far away of their destinations. They are more happy and have more satisfaction when they achieve something small. No one knows what will they find in their future... Things change and even mentality changes as well while we age. '世事无绝对'nothing is fix in this world.
Sometimes is not about how much we earn, but is about what we want to achieve in life. But of course, we need to have a very basic income to maintain our daily life. In my own opinion, I shall say that when we do things relates to our passion & interest, we are evetually creating a value in our own life chapter. We are creating memories or maybe histories to leave behind. I am currently building my own lifestyle, which is against most of my related elderlies '长辈'。
But any how, I understand their worries and care. Everyone have their own thoughts and their own decision to make. Cos end of the day, it is our own responsibility to live on life. No one to blame, is our own choice. After making that call(decision), the most important thing is we always look front and never look back.
Work, Passion & Interest can be balanced ! Challenge myself to the limits !