Wednesday, August 23, 2006

arts & earth = Save our environment...

Sorry people... I'm always late for my blog. Sometimes I'm having difficulties in putting my point of views into words... not to worry, will try more harder then before.

Arts and Earth is really a nice campaign, if you were there to visit you will have the same feelings. The environment of KLPAC was fantastic, it's so calm and relax. That is a place that can have outdoor activities, e.g. Capoeira, Gravaty Paintings, Outdoor Games, and etc. It has a very Western type of feeling. Damn nice, if you guys want to experience it, visit KLPAC now..!!!

This event is basically an event that creates an awareness to everyone about the importance of our environment. We need to save them before it's too late. Most of our rivers are polluted by those chemical waste and rubbish. Do you think that we are drinking clean water everyday if these rivers are not save by us? Everyone can make a difference out of it when we realized that we are eventually drinking water from dirty drains, toilets, polluted water and etc.

Other than water, recycle of paper, cans, and etc... are part of saving our environmentas well. Try not to use too much of plastic bags and use the cloth bag and it can be reuse again during shopping and etc...

Merchandise such as t-shirts, CDs', and postcards are sold there as well but those are funds to save our rivers. Please check out the link of Arts & Earth to know more about the event dates and activities.

Till then, peace out !!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Site visit to KL Conention Centre...

Early in the morning, we have to travel from Bandar Sunway all the way to KL Convention Centre. The purpose to be in KL Convention Centre is regarding on our M.I.C.E. Management project. Our college eventually grab an opportunity to collaborate with KL Conventioin Centre for the upcoming FIGO event. This is an International event and it caters for 8000 pax. There will be deligates from The United States, China, India, Europe and etc.
The purpose for the site visit is to meetup the managers of each respective departments that we are going to be attahed. Some of my classmatesare attached to the HR, Purchasing, Food & Beverage, Culinary, and other departments. I'm part of the Culinary team and I'm really amazed with their facilities and equipment. They have their own cook chill system and they are practising HACCP in their kitchen. Their Kitchen are really in tip-top condition. They are serving in Mass Production form but in fine dining standard. Each and every plate of their food presentation is the same arrangement, no matter how many thousand pax they are serving.
Impressed..!!! There are lots of things to do and learn during this event/project. Wil share more about KL Convention Centre with photos in the following weeks...
Till then, good night...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

unExpeCted siTuatiOn around me... Why???

I always ask myself for the past few years about this question. Why is it always me that facing all these kind of unexpected situation ? No matter what it is... on studies, friendships, relationships, daily life, and etc... Life consist of flexibility but not always in flexible as well, sometimes there will be a certain rule/procedures to follow or to stand firm on own ground.
Hmm... but it seems like I didn't really stand firm on my own ground all these while, and I always let it through and help others. Why...??? Why can't I stand firm and really say 'No' for once and to protect/defend myself ! Even things which happen to be mine and suddenly it can be others but not mine. E.g. I've accepted to help for the photo shooting but the agency are the one that approve me for the project. I don't mind about the money, as long as I'm in the team. The agency confirm that I am one of their major talent for the photo shooting and I accecpt the job. I went for the whole thing as well, then my life's unexpected situation suddenly appear in front of me this afternoon. Suddenly, the person in charge told me that they have to drop me out from major talent to a normal talent.
Then ask ME to help them to look for someone else to replace my place. Then my pay will drop more than 60%. This kind of unexpected situation is really quite a unreasonable one and unfair. Sometime I really don't understand about people's character and attitude. This is a kind of challenge that I am always facing. In the real world there are tons of people like that. In addition, there are very less people on earth that will really fight for you. But whenever they need help, they will definitely look for you. Or may be, I'm too easy to approach and too kind to people or is it that I got problem...?
Life is really full of myths and challenges. I think I've gone through quite a number of problems lately. As I say, on the road of growing, there are lots of unexpected situation will happen and things change half way and will meet different people and characters. Anyway, as long as I know what I am doing. Everyone has their own perception in anything, even to this article of mine. Nothing is perfect and noone can change the fundamental of your soul. But only to enhance and to improve.
Till then, I feel relief after spilling out my thoughts... good night & sweet dreams to myself !

Undergoing a photo shooting is not easy yet is FUN...!!!

Whoa... Being a model is not easy as it seems to be...! Being a model you must have a good smile on your face and your expression have to be very real even though you are not in the real situation/mood. Your brain need to be always ready to think/react/imagine of what expression you have required to do. Sometimes the art director/photographer would want you to have a very serious look on your face but sometimes he/she just want you to have a smile on your face, and etc.
When they want you to laugh, you really have to crack some jokes in your head in order to make yourself laugh as real as it can be. Even simple smile can be differentiate into lots of types. A certain smile or laughter can resemble that you look like an idiot/nuts but some smile can really make you look cool, surprised, happy, and etc.
I have just experienced it last week for 2 days. The photo shooting really takes up a lot of time and most of us have to wait there and take turns to take photos. Because the art director have to think and arrange who is suitable for that particular scene/situation. Does the person have the look for that part. Not only that, he have to mix match the colours of what we are wearing for the top, in order to have the contrast and to get the best effect out of it.
During one of the shots, me and JinDi have to laugh and as if we had a nice joke. But, for that shot, he really crack some dirty jokes and we both really laugh and I can't stand him, he is funny. When we were so called 'tortured/forced' to laugh the time, the art director his assistants were laughing at us also and they seem to be happy. Due to seeing both of us laughing like mad people. Hahahaha...
Other than that, we (me, Arvin, Melissa, JinDi, & co.) even crack about cheese cakes. Due to, we are holding a poster of a cheese cake. The art director also tell us about a new type of cake whereby is his own recipe which is 'Durian, Cheese, Butter...???' someting la... we couldn't stand him also. The art director is also a very happy and funny guy.
I get to make some new friends from Mass Comm. during this photo shooting. It's an amazing experience and memories. We really enjoy man...
-will upload the photo when I received them.