Saturday, December 27, 2008

Marissa Gangsta Party @ Pink Sage

This event took place about 3 weeks ago... i think =) sowie for the late updates.... Marissa organises her Birthday Party @ Pink Sage. Pink Sage is a very nice place for Breakfast, Lunch and Tea Time. It is located at Capital Square, right opposite Wisma TKT (Old Singapore Airline Office). They serve Breakfast everyday, Weekdays starts from 8.00am and CLOSED on Mondays.... Their highlight is Breakfast Menu RM5.50 only for (Eggs, Hash, Toast, Ham & Coffee/Tea).
Oooopssss....Too much of Advertising =)
Marissa's B'day Party Theme was Gangsta Night!!! Everyone must be a Gangster for the night. Any form of Gangster... Some came with High School Gangsta, Italian Gangsta, GOD Fathers, Japanese YAKUZA, Americano Gangsta and etc... you name it.!!!

Everyone was really in their costumes and weapons. (guns and swords)... the whole environment is really great for a Theme Party like that.. Cigars smoke and red wine glasses around the room and people playing drinking game (vodka shots).... They even played Win Loose of Draw.. i think ??? They seperate us up into the Old Age (30 above) and the young Age (30 below) group.... End of the game, the young age won the game... and the party continues....

the most important part of the night, the cake cutting ceremony.... this is a very special cake and it has a chopped off hand in a gift box!!!

Happy Birthday Marissa!!!!

Christmas Eve Dinner @ Friendster

This year's Christmas Eve was quite similar to a normal chill out night with some friends at a restaurant. We went to a place called FRIENDSTER @ Damansara Perdana. Luckily the place was not as packed as I imagine. They have a very cozy ambience and their food is quite good though.

I ordered their Friendster Super Burger and with their homemade beef patty. It's really yummie...yummie... Their pastas are quite good, slightly above average. The drinks were not too bad, if you order their Big Cuppocino, they will give you a small Cuppocina for FREE. Then my friends order The Tower, what is The Tower?? Please take a look at the photos and you will know The Tower.
That Tower is loaded with 5 litres of Carlsberg and it took them about 2hrs i think, to finish... Cos not everyone drinks that night. I was quite drouzy that night due to getting some flu and mild fever... sigh...
That night was Ah Wong's Lunar Birthday and we celebrate at the same time while waiting for Christmas...hehehehehe.. we bought him a slice of Macaroon Cake and sing him Birthday Song Contonese Version. hahaahaaha.... the best part was, he just get to know of his Lunar Birthday from the mum at 7pm that night. hahahaaha....
We chilled there until 12.00am MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!