Saturday, June 17, 2006

Having fun with Grupo Capoeira Brasil Hong Kong

Whoa... I'm actually having holiday in Hong Kong, but this trip is a bit more educational in a way. Hehehe... not in my Hospitality Management Theory, but in my Capoeira training. I got the chance to meet up a different group in Hong Kong. They are the Grupo Capoeira Brasil Hong Kong. I meet up with Instructor Chumbinho who is currently taking care of the group here.

They haven't got their own academy yet, so Instructor have to travel to different places to teach in the sports centres. Tonight I ended up with one of his class which is located at Kowloon Park. The class was not too packed tonight, just around 8 student including me. normally they have about 15 - 20 students. It was a great training exposure with them and I picked up a few training drills tonight and we change partners quite often.

I know the moves we do but I just can't get the names right. I'll write it down next time. Sorry mates ! These Capoeiristas here are quite easy going guys, they really have fun in the class and they really enjoy playing Capoeira.

Especially when they are playing in the roda with thier instructor. I tried my very best to play in the roda and with everyone. They are good and they really apply what they've just learned. I've got a few advice from the Instructor after I've played with him, it's a good game. I really enjoy myself. Guys, it's fun to get to know other Capoeiristas.

Not to worry, I will keep this blog updated... Cos I will still be training with the Instructor for a few more classes and with different Capoeiristas. I will join their public roda in Mong Kok on the 25th June and as well as their 1st Anniversary on the 29th June.

Valeu karat, boa noite...