Saturday, November 08, 2008

Meeting up old friend and new friends in Seoul,Korea

Ola... I just got back from my business trip Seoul, Korea. Wow...Can't imagine that I went to Seoul, Korea. Seoul is a nice place t go, very neat, tidy, systematic and the infrastructure was so efficient. I wonder when Malaysia can be so efficient in terms of the Public Transportation. There's only one small little challenge for foreign tourist to Korea if they want to travel on their own, which is the bus stops and train stations got no English writting. Other than that...only one word to describe. great!!!

The journey to Seoul, Korea is approximately 7 hours of flight, I flew by Korean Air Lines. Overall of the services is good and the Korea Airport is very organised and spacious too.
The weather was great - Sunny Day. Except the 1st day raining. Temperature is about 13'c to 15'c during the day time, 5'c to 7'c during the night time.

Contente is a Capoeirista from Grupo Bantus Capoeira. He used to treinar with us in Malaysia for more than 5 months. He is a cool person and very friendly. Currently he is teaching English in a Elementary School in Korea. I meet up with him and Jinkyung, his girlfriend in Korea. They both travelled all the way to my place which took them about 1hr + to reach Renaissance Seoul.

They both took me for a Korean BBQ restaurant and Jinkyung teaches me how to eat the condiments with the leaves and lettuce. I think everyone knows about 'Kimchi" hehehehe... yea.. "kimchi" was totally different from the "Kimchi" in Malaysia.

On the way home, we passed by a hawker stall that sells "HoDo". "Hodo" is a kind of pastry filled with walnut cream and chopped walnuts. It's very tasty and nutty...yum yum... =)
My trip was very fruitful except on my work part. I get to meet up with an old friend which is Contente and at the same time, I get to meet new friends in Korea. Contente asked me to train with him and 2 of his friends Capoeira. We travelled from my hotel to the small little studio was about 1hr +..and it was cold at night. It was fun and I get to "Jogar de Capoeira" with Contente.
After the short training session, we walk to a near by Japanese restaurat for a very late dinner and we chat and drink. Everyone was happy and had fun. I'm quite bad with names, I will check with Contente for the names of all the peepsin the below picture =) I'm sorry ... I really had fun with you all back in Korea that night, really appreciate for everything you guys had done for me.

Thank you very much for the lovely gift from Jinkyung and Contente from Korea. Looking forward to meet up with all of you all either in Korea or in Malaysia.