Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tiring of Travelling... from PJ to KL

It's really tiring to travel from PJ to KL by public transportation during weekdays. There are certain peak hours that I have to warn you guys out there not to be the victims.... because every morning i have to go through all those 'shitty experience'... every morning smell nice and being fresh and wish to have a nice day but when reaching the train station and looking iinto the train, i will have a bad feeling that my day will be ruined if i go on to the train. My instinct are never wrong about that. Because after goin on the train and reaching the hotel, i really smell like 'shit' and sweating lile a 'paip bocor' (leaking paip).... due to the bad ventilation in the train and the people were standing back to back. Sometimes can't really breathe. This is really a bad practice and culture. They are not considering enough to others and most of them are 'kia su' man.... the train is alos not efficient and the designing of the chairs in the KTM is really not a good planning. Sigh...!!!
Don't know when will the government restructure the train service and make everything convenient to the public. Eveything is just not convenient to everyone.. Sometimes I really pity those people that are queuing up for the train. others just cut queue and pushing the inocent into the train... Imagine you are standing, and people behind you are pushing you into the train and then will be squeezed.... arrgghh....!!!!
Damn...i don't know how long will can I stand this kid of environment and situation.... That's why wvery morning I hope for the best to come... sometime, avoiding is not a good solution. Anyone can suggest anything to me or share your ideas with me. Till then, peace out and hope to hear from y'all...