Saturday, July 12, 2008

Skytrex in Shah Alam

Last weekend which is on the 6th July 08', I joined Jamie, Olive, Kent, Ivy, Andrew and a few more friends which I don't know them yet for Sky-trekking. First when I hear Skytrex, I really don't know what is it all about, until when they say Sky-trekking I'm still guessing it must be air activities.

Then I got more details from Wong but the details he gave were enough to scare the shit out of me. Simple words, all activities are done on air and is in the rainforest. Basically we are all walking/trekking on top of trees and there are obstacles to challenge. There are more than 10 obstacle stations to go through. All the trails are "One Way Ticket"=) because once you climbed up the first station, there will be no turning back.

Safety equipments (harness, carabiners, and 'pully') are provided and safety breifing are provided as well. The safety lesson will be conducted by their instructors and everyone got to try the "bunny-trial circuit" something similar to a dummy trails for you to practice before you enter the actual height and challenging trails.

The feeling of being up on a tree of 17 metres above the ground... 1st time definitely will be panicing and shivering but that is the whole idea of it for you to face your fear and to overcome and enjoy the scenery. This activity is not all about physical strength but also your mentally strength as well. You have to adapt yourself to cross more than 10 different trails. You will end everything with a Flying Fox and after that, you will non-stop playing the Flying fox over and over and over again.....hehehehe... Why?? some people will use that as a compliment to themselves that they've accomplished everything.

The feeling is DAMN GOOD! Whoever need to know more about it, you can click on the title cos I've linked the website of Sky Trex to this blog. Or, you peeps can contact me.