Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bantus Capoeira Malaysia Year End Party !!!

It was a bit too late to celebrate Christmas and a bit too early for New Year, so i've decided to make it a Bantus Malaysia Year End Party. That night was a Pot Luck and get together kind of Party, in-conjuction with 5th Annivesary of Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. We have the party at Living Arts Studio (Bantus' Branch Out). The dresscode for that night was Bantus T-shirt and the seniors need to wear the very 1st Bantus Malaysia's T-shirt, to share some memories.

The party will never go on without the following contribution:-

We have, Pasta Salad (Lynn), Fruit Salad (Denise), Beef Bolognese Pasta & Apple Crumble (Baracuda, Claudihno, Rafael), Sausages (Catatao, Durim, Cabecao), Chicken Wings & Charcoals & Utensils (Kennedy/Azeitona), Chips & Dips (Zamil), Potato Salad (Shidah), Bread Pudding (Alia/Sauva), Carrot Cake (Emalina), Cordial Juices (Terry), Roti Naan (Wan Rizzal), Plates & Cutleries (Cueca), Living Arts Studio (Teresa), Cups, Rubbish Bags, Clean Ups, Arrangements, BBQ Pit..."KULI" (Boca Grande)
hahhaahaa.... =)

We are delighted to have a few Brazillians with us that night and we had some nice Acarajé. Acarajé is made out of White Beans and deep fried them, then spread some cheese, chillies, and prawns. It was AWESOME... and it was prepared by Edna, Fernanda & Rodrigo. Everyone was just chilling out and chit chatting and playing with Chap & Chappaty L.A. Cats.
Chappaty found a new home which is Fernanda...

To be continue.....

Closing Ceremony for Year 2008 - Myself towards Bantus Capoeira Malaysia!!!

Wow... so fast that 2009 is just next door =) Time flies and I still think I have not achieved anything yet... But Bantus Capoeira Malaysia has achieved its 5th Anniversary this year 2008. There are always people COME people GO in life and as well as in Bantus Capoeira Malaysia.
We are lucky enough to have strong pillars in our group and they are Graduado Rafael, Instructor Cueca, Coelho (Woei Hern), Tataruga, Lingua De "Boi" (Andrew), Jai, Terry, Michelle, Youli, Lynn, Sophie, Jeanette, Marissa, Denise, Santiago, Cabecao, Durim, Perereca, Catatao, and all Bantulinos which still stay in the BANTUS FAMILY until today.
I really appreciate for those who have stayed back and still continuing to grow this family. I think I am lucky to be raised up in the family of BANTUS lead by Mestre Pintor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Graduado Rafael and Instructor Cueca for the advise and guidance. I know you both cracked your head very hard to think of ways to coach me and being very patience as well towards a complicated & talkative person (BOCA GRANDE). heheheeh.... But you guys never gave up on any of us in the Family of Bantus Malaysia. I've been with the family for 3 years and i think until now, i just learnt how to crawl just a little bit better =) Both instructors have their own ways of teaching and theories, but they share the same objectives.
Nevertheless, Tataruga, Coelho, Jai, Terry, Perereca, Marissa, Lynn, Durim, Cabecao, Michelle, Santiago, Serhan, Catatao, Manubrao, and all the seniors that has guided me through as well for this 3 years. Within this 3 years, i get to know a lot of nice people from Bantus. All kind of Nationality, Profession, Age Group, and etc....
To be frank, I can't dance and I think I don't even have the Music Rythm and Dance Cells in my body.... But thanks to Fernanda and Rodrigo to teach me SAMBA... i may not be that great, but at least i can move a bit now .... hehehehe..... which everyone will laugh at.
Kennedy and Stanley... you both are totally someone AWESOME that i've never met until today. Sharing your unlimited ideas, knowledge, personal philosophy, personal experiences, jokes, and etc...
There are too many people for me to say THANK YOU = MUITO OBRIGADO!!!! Deep down my heart, i appreciate for all your kind support and patience training with me.
Till then, ALL THE BEST in the new and challenging year 2009. FELIZ ANO NOVO !!!