Friday, April 04, 2008

Pre-Birthday Activities...

This year my birthday is very different from the normal birthday plans or activities. My friends from the Living Arts, the main Master Mind Teresa Chian will come up with crazy and exciting plans and surprises... They've planned to kidnap me and not telling where we are going. The best part is that I have to pay for my own ransome (fill up the tank with petrol).
This time, Terry is the driver and there are 3 other people as the assistant for Teresa, i.e. Catatao, Yuki, and Woan Sheu. The car use for the kidnap is Perodua MYVI, the unique part of it is that this car can fit 6 people.
I was brought to a Hot Spring located at Hulu Langat, that is where the 1st drop off point.

Then followed by a day trip all the way to Malacca. They only send me back to KL at 0000hrs of 24th March 2008.

We travel in Malacca like tourists, we eat, snap photos, shopping and then went for a 3rd Annual National Chinese Cultural Dance Semi Final Competition.

The Gula Malacca for the Cendol was so thick and WOW!!! SOoo.......Ssswweeeeeeet............!!!
After the trip, we all went back to Living Arts to pick up our stuff and there 's another surprise from Teresa and gang... They've prepared a loaf of fruit cake and Guess What?!! They use the magic candle on the cake. No matter how I blow it, it will never go off. Lastly, I've decided to just use my finger to put it off. Ouch...heheehehe...

After that, then they release me from the Kidnap... Thank you Guys !!!