Friday, August 29, 2008

Capoeira and Samba Classes at Bom Brazil Churrascaria

For anyone out there, who are currently working in KL the following information is specially for you all. Come and feel and experience the whole excitement of Brasil in KL.

We have had many requests to start teaching classes in KL and finally we are proud to announce that Bantus Capoeira is now officially in Kuala Lumpur!

# Capoeira Class:
Contact Quek at 0122887908 to register
Every Monday @ 8:10pm to 9:10pm
Every Friday @ 7pm to 8pm

# Samba Class:
Contact Fernanda, our resident Brazilian sambista, at 0123546500 to register
Every Monday @ 7pm to 8pm
Every Friday @ 8:10pm to 9:10pm

# Fees:
Drop in class: RM40.00
12 class package: RM360.00
24 class package: RM600.00

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adidas - King of the Road 10km

I had never participated in any form of running competition until I met a bunch of friends that are very into fitness and outdoor activities. They are really challenging themselves to the limits.
These people are not ordinary people...hahaha.. they are fighters (Combat Fighters)... from Celebrity Fitness One Utama.

Before the run, I can't join them for morning running session cos I'm working on Saturdays... Eventhough I train Capoeira during the weekdays, but I have a very bad stamina due to I do not have a good control in breathing.

This run is very challenging why? Because we have to wake up at 4.00am cos we are meeting up at Jasima (Mamak shop) at One U. We move out from there at 5.30am to Shah Alam. Our category is F and G, we start at 7.05am. Qualifying run time is 55mins for 10km. I ran with Wong and I did not stop for 5km. I was surprised that I can jog quite consistently... and my breathing is at the same pace as my footstep.

The whole run was quite challenging to me, especially my mentally. We will intend to give up easily but the environment change my thoughts. People around me are running and over cutting me, no matter how tired they are. That is the determination and the drive that keep everyone running. I'm not too sure anyone of you out there agree on my statement: -
Jogging is all about focus and determination".

The overall feeling was totally awesome, eventhough my time was 64mins. The end results are not the most important thing, it is the experience that counts. At least in life for now, I've achieved something.

CONGRATULATIONS to all who've participated!!!

Anyone who is doubting whether to join or not to join any run, just go for it... Maybe start of with 7km or less. Main thing is...must have fun =)

Upcoming events:-

Genting Trail Blazer 2008 - 2nd November 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008 - 19th October 2008.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Movies Weekends...

Wow... I can't believe that eventually me and my friends are really on a movie outing most of the weeks. What I meant was, every Saturday or Sunday we will be watching a movie in TGV One Utama. I've watched 'Wanted', 'Hancock', 'Hellboy', 'The Dark Knight', 'Red Cliff', 'X-Files', 'The Mummy Returns', and etc... This weekend most probably will be going for 'Star Wars - The Clone Wars', then followed by 'Zohan', and etc...

Some people may say that we have no life. I don't know about others, but for me I am a movie 'addict'... hehehehe... so no matter what I'll still go for movies... but of course I'll choose what to watch. Certain movies will be better just to watch in DVD's...

There are alot of movies coming up to be shown, 'James Bond 007', 'Thunder Cats', 'Ice Age 3', 'Dragon Ballz', and lots more... Cineplexes are really making lots of money out of everyone of us... buying pop corns and drinks...

TGV should offer us a kind of loyalty programme... to accummulate points and use the points to redeem free tickets or snacks... hahahahaaha....

Nyway, this activity will still be going on until I don't know when will we stop doing it... hahahaha...