Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my way of living my LIFE ...


I am Living my life now at present,
then I live my Life to the fullest.
Capping it off with Love always. 

 dOne - 1 oCt 2011 


Daphne Sim
close buddy and family ...

Kevin Mitchel
BlackCat Tattoo Sunway Pyramid

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pisang Fall - Jungle Trekking + Waterfall Abseiling (16.07.11)

It was super awesome to experience the following activity organised by the GTZ. We went for a waterfall abseiling at Pisang Fall. The whole adrenaline rush was really flowing in my entire body despite my mind playing tricks about leeches.

While waiting for our turn, my mind was constantly playing tricks in my head on leeches and i can't really enjoy. But, once i reach up there and then abseil down the waterfall. It was speechless and the only word I use is AWESOME!

I think by sharing the following photos, you all will feel the same as I felt.

Stay tuned for more exciting activities....

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Phantom

Had enough of driving... and i think is time to go for a ride. Ridding would be much fun compared to driving.
Driving always stuck in stupid and unnecessary traffic jams... it is also very stressful to get parking.  Riding is all about FREEDOM.

Let's do it... I'm considering of getting a Kawasaki ER6N 2011 as my phantom. Below would be him.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Fun Time @ Office

This is what we do to make our office like a playground to everyone....

When our colleague went out for lunch, we punked her desk with sticky notes.

we came out with our own branding as well with angry birds theme.

We wishes our boss Happy Birthday by leaving notes on his office windows..

Working @ Facon Fair

It has been so long, not working as a student helper @ education fairs. But now, am working @ an education fair as a staff... Lot's of things to be handled and need to manage the transportation of the collaterals and other logistics.

But overall was a fun experience. Can't really feel my mouth after a few counselling... hehehehe... As usual, after most of the event, student helpers would love to take pictures... which is a good thing, something for them to remember the fun time...


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Photo Shooting for Bantus Calendar 2011

Photo shooting for Bantus Calendar for 2011 and it was a great experience towards that. We are also selling those calendars at RM20.00 for charity. The money will be accumulated in the Bantus Charity Fund.  We will use those funds to help those who are really in need. i.e. kids shelter/orphanage/and etc.

Funny faces during Photo Shooting =)

Weird Things Happening in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

There are some weird things happening in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus recently. Check out the following videos and leave your comments.

Chinese New Year - Orange Rabbits

Me and my fUn, viBraNt, cRaZiE... colleagues from Taylor's University playing with stickers given by our supplier to stick and win contest of CNY bunnies...

Special Projects - Akira's Group to Skytrex Adventure 2010

This was a activity that was carried out by the SkyTrex Adventure - Special Task Team. We managed a group of dumb and deaf group to complete both Big Thrill Adventure and Extreme Challenge in 2 different months.

This projects really makes us feel good due to the satisfaction and achievements of making things possible for those who think it is impossible. We build and create value to people's life and plants great seeds in their memories.

-safety briefing and usage of the gears-

-extreme challenge-

-extreme challenge-

-big thrill challenge-

National Geographic - Outlet official Launch June 2010

Some of the pictures taken during the official launch of National Geographic outler store at Lot 10 in June 2010.