Saturday, October 11, 2008

"The Spirit of Brasil" art exhibition & photography competition

Get your creative juices rolling and stand a chance to have your art piece displayed. In conjunction with Brasil Fest '08, we are holding an art exhibition at Cloth n' Clef and a photography competition at Pavilion. The theme is 'Spirit of Brasil'. Capture the spirit of Brasil, be it food, people, landscape, infrastructure, fashion, lifestyle, attitude. It’s your take on Brasil.

Art exhibition opens on
Monday 27th October and
will be displayed till mid-November.

Photography exhibition will start on
Monday 3rd November until
Sunday 16th November.

Art exhibition steps to follow:
1. Discuss your idea with Marissa by Tuesday 14th October.
2. Final piece to be submitted by Friday 24th October.

Photography competition steps to follow:
1. Photos to be submitted via email in jpeg format, no bigger than
2MB to by Friday 24th October.
2. When submitting photo(s) please send full name, contact number, address and title of the
3. One person is entitled to more than one entry. Limited to five entries per person.
4. Those chosen for display will be notified by Tuesday 28th October and must submit their
entry in printed format. Size will be determined upon confirmation. Picture is to be mounted
on either black/white art card. Final picture must be submitted by Saturday 1st November.
5. Winners will be selected on Sunday 16th November.

Yee I-Lann (Malaysian Artist),
Adeline Ooi (Valentine Willie Fine Art)
Representative from Pavilion.

** Photography Competition - Prizes as follows:
1st Prize - 6 months Capoeira membership + Abada & T-Shirt
2nd Prize - 3 months Capoeira membership + T-shirt
3rd Prize - 1 month Capoeira membership + T-shirt

for more info, log on to

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Academia of Bantus Capoeira Malaysia

Academia of Bantus Capoeira Malaysia is located at Damansara Jaya opposite Atria Shopping Mall. Academia is a home to all Capoeiristas no matter where you are from.
This is where our instructors coach classes and students gather around for Music Class, Samba Percussion, Samba Dance, Forro Dance, practice/rehearsal for performances, Workshops, Parties/Celebration and etc.
Take a look of our academia in a panaroma view and then i will keep you peeps updated regarding the upcoming Brasil Fest 08' and our Bantus Capoeira Annual Festival information...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stanley's Birthday - Fine Wine & Dine

Im late to update my blog as usual...

I've just attended a Fine Wine & Dine at Fernanda's place for Stanley's birthday celebration... the whole apartment was properly decorate and the ambience was cozy and comfortable... the lights were deemed...and soft Brazilian Music were played and everyone just sit at the couch with their Champagne and Wine, chatting with each others...

The crowd was just nice, we have Fernanda, Santiago, Lynn, Stanley, Valerie M, Kennedy, Jeanette, Marissa, Denise, Quek, Shidah and Me. Stanley was dressed up with calflings and!!! Lynn was awesome that night... never seen her dressed up like that before but's a Compliment from me and Shidah... I was underdressed cos i totally did not follow the dress code of Black and White...i was with white top and jeans... =) hehheeh...but thanks to Jeanette for the save up line towards Stanley.... cos i'm always in my formal attire and that night was special that's why i wear something different. hahhaahaha.....

Everyone looks great that night... and the whole place was smell of Lilies... I really had a great time there and that night , the whole setting reminds me of my old time working in the restaurant and kitchen.... preparing the food and serving the food and wine to the guests.... i feel good that night... the dinner was AWESOME!!!!! i like the fish and the potatoes..and not to mention about the "beefy role"....i will look into the right spelling for that... the wine was quite light that night but is really good... the salad was great..but unfortunately i dont take much of Cheese... During the dinner everyone was busy chatting and eating.... the conversation was full of jokes and some disgusting topic as well... but is good that everyone is being themselves and not holding back...

After the dinner, everyone was sitting down at the living area..for Shisha and Chocolate Fondue...and Kennedy and Stanley start playing the guitar and start singing... Denise playing the frog (music instrument and it sound like the frog "krok krok krok")... Everyone enjoyed their night with fabulous food & wine, and ambience and entertainment... hahahaha... we will be having this more often...