Friday, December 22, 2006

Training in Training Dept of Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur...

Wow... I don't know whether did I put on any weight during my training in this department due to most of the time when there are in-house Training going on, then definitely there will be coffee breaks...hahaha... food again... =)
Most of the days having Coffee until my brain is filled with cafine... But the Roti Jala is good and the Chicken curry is really good... I've been attending numerous training in the department, and most ofthe time there are Mints on the table and othere than that... whenever we participate during the training and if we get to answer the question asked by Ms. Zaharah (training executive) correctly, she will give away prizes e.g. Mars Bars, Kit Kat, and etc...
Whoa..!!! too much of sweets... I think averagely everyone who attended the training for the continuosly 2 weeks, had swollen a big packet of Mentos Mints... Why??? This is due to they don't want to fall asleep... that's why.. =) I'm 1 of them unfortunately.... Me and Yoga during our 2 days Orientation both of us were known as the 'fisherman of Crowne Plaza KL'... actually the name was given by ourselves.. Lol.. It was FUN to attend the training...
I get to exposed most of their taining and I learn about their Brand and their Services...
As usual my training is still going on until.... ... ... ...
Till then....

Chirstmas Charity Party @ Living Arts Studio - 17th Dec '06

This Christmas is really lively and with a very good energy for me... Living Arts Studio came up with an idea of celebrating this year's Christmas with the Orphans from Trinity Homes... On that day, there are varieties of talent going on e.g. Breakdance, Stand-up Comedian, Hip Hop, Latin, Chinese Cultural Dance, Capoeira, Singing, Acapella, and etc (most of the performers are amateurs).
These kids are special due to they can really dance and especially one of the small kid can really 'break'!!! I'm not kidding... He can do 'worm', 'helicopter' and etc... & he is only 5 years old. The crowd was awesome and the food was great... I can't believe that I can sing...hehehe It was my really 1st time to participate in singing and in addition is Acapella... just being the background. Lol... The whole preparation was hectic and Teresa and Yike always have to stay up until quite late in the studio. They are passionate people. Living Arts is a place that gives everyone a chance to present themselves and to know people...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Had a great fun during the 3rd Annual Bantus Capoeira Malaysia Festival....

The annual festival was fantastic... I just can't explain to whoever never join the workshops and the whole event. Only one word to describe which is 'FUN'...!!! Just can't wait for the next festival and Batizado... i really enjoy the workshops with Mestre and instructors, you enjoy the whole workshops... There are laughter and exciting moments. Definitely is a tough training session but all the effort was really worth it. Got the chance to train with different instructors together with their skills and knowledge.

We get to learn and play Maculele in the roda and everyone was involve and the axé of the roda was great. New songs were sang I really open up my eye for all the moves that were done by the Brazilians and my seniors. They were fantastic. The worshop for Mortals were something new to me, i don't even know how to flip myself and how to get the momentyhm. Profeseur Gringo and Insturctor Claudinho, and Coelho assist us and coaching us how to flip ourselves. I just can't believe that I've done it. We went for a dance class as well, conducted by Claudinho...which is Forro. This is really fun... LOL...

The night in MAISON, we were having the Viva Brasil Party... My seniors and the instuctors from Brasil did the performance there in the club. They perform the Maculele, Capoeira Regional, Capoeira Angola, and never forget the Samba percussion. When Rafael and Gringo were palying the Angola, everyone were laughing because it was so funny. They use their skills to challenge each other and making fun of each other.

Batizado is the day when all of us the beginenrs getting 'Baptized' by our Mestre, Profeseur, or Intructors... Basically I was 'Baptized' by my Instrutor Rafael, he gave me a 'headbutt'... that w as a good one. At last I got my Coral Corda. Then we have to play with our visitors from Singapore, Thailand, and Australia... Whoohoo...!!!

We really enjoy to the MAX... the party continue after the Batizado all the way to Marissa's place in the afternoon for Barbeque...

Hope to see more Capoeiristas next Batizado... Bantus Capoeira for LIFE...!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

International Buskers Festival

There’s this International Buskers Festival going on for the whole week of last. It was fantastic to watch. They are damn good in all their talents. They are nice and friendly people as well, easy to approach. The festival was organized by the Tourism Malaysia. It was really a success; they come from various countries such as, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and etc. The opening ceremony for the event was so grand and they eventually came with a parade. The costumes are imported from Brasil and most of the performers are from Soka Gakkai Malaysia. The costumes were so nice and colourful and it really brings up the whole cherish and happening mood in Dataran Merdeka for that night. Dataran Merdeka is ALIVE…!!!

OK, some of you might not know what I am talking about. What is Buskers? Buskers are people who perform on streets to earn some money. It can be any forms of entertainment to entertain the people on streets.

On Saturday midnight, there’s a Buskers Party on streets at Asian Heritage Row by Carlsberg. It was great… get to see how they swallow fire and how they play with fires. Even acrobatics, jokes, juggling of knives, walk on knives and etc. 3sa, Li Yian, Melvin , and I was there from 12am till 3.30am.

This is an annual event, but next year the venue is yet to be confirmed. Very soon there will be a local buskers festival going on as well. Will update everyone when I get to know when….

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something sHocKinG happen today during my semester exam... =) vEry sUrpRising...

This is the Malaysian version of RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT..!!!
Today is my 1st day of semester 2 exam, things are going quite normal after lunch... We are preparing to go for our 2nd paper, everyone was as usual panic and nervous and serious in their look. 1pm sharp is our 2nd paper, everyone was seated down and waiting for the moment to write/answer the question paper... This is the time the shocking thing happen... we were being told before the exam that there will be about 13 pages of article as our case study, but what we have in front of us is only 1 piece of QUESTION paper...???!!!
Then we told the examiner about it, then she went and check. After 10mins, she told us that we have to wait for 30mins, then another 30mins, and then another last our Annex/Article of the case study arrived.... It took us 1 hour 30 mins just sitting in the exam hall doing nothing... this is really a crap story man....!!! The reason they gave us was so called "TECHNICAL" problem... Wasted our time... and that basically affected our spirit of doing that particular paper. All this should be done/prepared weeks ago. Just don't understand what was their issue...???
I think this is the very 1st time having this kind of unexpected situation...happening in my college... I'm not sure will this kind of so called "TECHNICAL" problem occur again... ? Sigh...!!!
Just can't imagine this kind of JOKE really happen in my life... we really don't know whether to laugh or to be angry... because we are leaving very soon... maybe the college wanted us to have an unforgetable memories...
Till then, I can't wait to go for my WORKSHOPS...PARTY...BATIZADO...!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

3rd Bantus Capoeira Festival

Whoa... lately really busy and all my schedules are messed up. So, I think I have to postpond my cover for my French trip experience with you all. Now, I really need to share and update anyone of you out there reagarding an upcoming event organised by Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. It's the 3rd Annual Batizado by Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. All the Bantus Capoeiristas from Brazil, Australia, Singapore, and visitors from Thailand will be coming down to Kuala Lumpur for this huge/big and exciting event. The event is week long event starting from Monday-20th November 06' until Sunday-26th November 06'.

The event consist of workshops, party, street rodas, Batizado and etc... The Batizado is basically a ceremony for the Capoeiristas to exchange their cord for a higher level. But, for the beginners will be for them to be 'baptize' or known as welcome to the Bantus family. The workshpos are conducted by Mestre Pintor (Brasil Academy), Professor Gringo (Australia Academy), Instructor Claudinho (Singapore Academy), Instructor Rafael (Malaysia Academy), and Instructor Quek (Malaysia Academy).
Other than that, we do have street rodas which is we play on streets exactly like how it's played in Brazil. This is also to create an awareness for the public. Let them know the existance of GRUPO BANTUS CAPOEIRA MALAYSIA. For the capoeiristas from Malaysia can get the chance to play with our foreign guests. To exchange our skills, knowledge, experience, and etc.
The party is basically for everyone, performance will be put on by senior students, instructors and special guests. There will be Samba Dances going on after the performances...
For more information, please check out our website which is for more details of this event. Or just click on the title...
Till then... See you all there...!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My French study trip Oct 06' - BD 17

This is a very late update to my friends who are concern on reading my blog. Everything is not settled down yet, due to dealing with a lot of stuff. Lots of things coming up this month after my trip. Anyway, will talk about what's up lately a bit later. Hehehe...
Just to share in summary about my trip to France. My whole degree class are involved in this study trip and we will spend our entire 2 weeks in France. Places that we are 'exposed' to are Toulouse, Foix, Mirepoix, Gaillac, and Carcassonne. The places that I've just mention are places that we visited. We spend most of our time in Toulouse and Foix. It's a long journey to travel from Malaysia to France. After the 12 hours of flight, most of us can't even feel our butt =) don't even think about the travelling after when we touch down in Paris followed by the 3 hours of city tour on bus. Then 6 hours travelling in the TGV which is their fast train to Toulouse and then at last reaching in Foix after 2 hours later in the bus. LOL...
So, after around a 23+ hours of travelling, then we get our chance to rest and sleep. When we reach Foix is already 11pm+ and the whole town is asleep. Most of us were so tired until they can't sleep after their shower. Guess what? Me and my roomates had a cold bath and the water is freaking freezing. Exactly like using melted ice to shower. Some of my friends went out and touring around the quiet town.
The Chateau de Foix is really a nice place to visit. This is exactly a French version of Great Wall. I think it will be just a small part of Great Wall...Hehehe... The view was fantastic from the top. There will be a photo of the Chateau from the early in the morning and in the night. It's a totally different feel seeing it.
Have stop here... to be continue...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Paintball War Game by Batch 17 18th Sept 06'

Yesterday was the BOMB man…!!! At last I get to experience and play Paintball War Game... YAHOO..!!! The game was actually delayed until quite late, but my classmates just found a game to entertain themselves called ‘大風吹…吹什麽?’ ‘da feng chui…chui shen me?’ This game is similar to Simon Says. I didn’t play this for so long since after primary school, it really flashes back some of the sweet old memories. When the markers and the canisters are ready, everyone grabs their mask, vest, and some of them got jumpsuit, then they are prepared to go for WAR….!!! Before that, we all got a briefing from one of their marshals about the instructions of how to use the markers and the rules of the game. After that, the spirits of war is in their body. Guys…! Lets enter the WAR ZONE…. AARRGHHH….
People out there, remember this; do not under estimate girls… they are mean machines man… RESPECT them….. They fight like guys as well. Basically, I got whacked up badly by my girl classmate. During the game, you will see their team work and their fighting spirit just to achieve/accomplish their goal and mission. The way they shoot each other and the way they help their comrades during the WAR… SALUTE to all that participated in the game yesterday. After my game, I took the opportunity to grab some nice shots of the action of my classmates during their fight. Jay John says that when I’m on the ground taking photos, I look like Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Hahahaha… I am really amazed of my own photography skills, the satisfactory feeling is there. Everyone really had fun and the feeling of Paintball. Most of us got a mark or scar on our body after the game. Thanks to my classmates taking the initiative to organize this game. GOOD GAME BATCH 17…!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my convocation @ KL Convention Centre...Plenery Hall 10th September 2006

YAA...HHOOOooo...!!! Im a higher diploma holder now....!!!
Sunday was my Convocation for my Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management. As usual lah!, we finish our exams last year December, but we are having our convocation the following year.... Basically the celebration not there anymore. Tak ada 'UMMH'...Not really that excited but 'still ecited'..hehehe... My parents came all the way from Kuching to attend my convocation and I spend my whole weekend with them. We went fo rnice food and I talk non stop to them.. Basically sharing what I've gone through during my stay in KL for this whole year. Ooopss... Lari Topik !

Back to KL Convention Centre, I reached there approximately 11.30am. The registration counter was already in a long queue as well as the collection of robe. Students are getting more early to reach there due to experience. After my registration and collection of robe, I met my classmates and we all started to be a bit excited, and started to take photos. Individual photo, group photo, pair photo, posing photo, and etc. At that moment, we were like stars of the day. Hheheheh... some say that the picuture will be posted in newspapers as headline (just kidding)...

Lecturers greeting us and Congratulate us...then the most important thing to see is the proud and happy faces of our parents.... Normal routine wil be done, e.g. walk to the hall, go on stage to collect our scroll, greet the guests and lecturers, and etc... then lastly the high tea... nice. This year's convocation, is much shorter than last year. the plenery hall is so cosy. The speech from the invited guest is not really that interesting... most of the students were fallen asleep...hehehehe...cos the hall was so cosy.... that's the whole convocation of mine...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

arts & earth = Save our environment...

Sorry people... I'm always late for my blog. Sometimes I'm having difficulties in putting my point of views into words... not to worry, will try more harder then before.

Arts and Earth is really a nice campaign, if you were there to visit you will have the same feelings. The environment of KLPAC was fantastic, it's so calm and relax. That is a place that can have outdoor activities, e.g. Capoeira, Gravaty Paintings, Outdoor Games, and etc. It has a very Western type of feeling. Damn nice, if you guys want to experience it, visit KLPAC now..!!!

This event is basically an event that creates an awareness to everyone about the importance of our environment. We need to save them before it's too late. Most of our rivers are polluted by those chemical waste and rubbish. Do you think that we are drinking clean water everyday if these rivers are not save by us? Everyone can make a difference out of it when we realized that we are eventually drinking water from dirty drains, toilets, polluted water and etc.

Other than water, recycle of paper, cans, and etc... are part of saving our environmentas well. Try not to use too much of plastic bags and use the cloth bag and it can be reuse again during shopping and etc...

Merchandise such as t-shirts, CDs', and postcards are sold there as well but those are funds to save our rivers. Please check out the link of Arts & Earth to know more about the event dates and activities.

Till then, peace out !!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Site visit to KL Conention Centre...

Early in the morning, we have to travel from Bandar Sunway all the way to KL Convention Centre. The purpose to be in KL Convention Centre is regarding on our M.I.C.E. Management project. Our college eventually grab an opportunity to collaborate with KL Conventioin Centre for the upcoming FIGO event. This is an International event and it caters for 8000 pax. There will be deligates from The United States, China, India, Europe and etc.
The purpose for the site visit is to meetup the managers of each respective departments that we are going to be attahed. Some of my classmatesare attached to the HR, Purchasing, Food & Beverage, Culinary, and other departments. I'm part of the Culinary team and I'm really amazed with their facilities and equipment. They have their own cook chill system and they are practising HACCP in their kitchen. Their Kitchen are really in tip-top condition. They are serving in Mass Production form but in fine dining standard. Each and every plate of their food presentation is the same arrangement, no matter how many thousand pax they are serving.
Impressed..!!! There are lots of things to do and learn during this event/project. Wil share more about KL Convention Centre with photos in the following weeks...
Till then, good night...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

unExpeCted siTuatiOn around me... Why???

I always ask myself for the past few years about this question. Why is it always me that facing all these kind of unexpected situation ? No matter what it is... on studies, friendships, relationships, daily life, and etc... Life consist of flexibility but not always in flexible as well, sometimes there will be a certain rule/procedures to follow or to stand firm on own ground.
Hmm... but it seems like I didn't really stand firm on my own ground all these while, and I always let it through and help others. Why...??? Why can't I stand firm and really say 'No' for once and to protect/defend myself ! Even things which happen to be mine and suddenly it can be others but not mine. E.g. I've accepted to help for the photo shooting but the agency are the one that approve me for the project. I don't mind about the money, as long as I'm in the team. The agency confirm that I am one of their major talent for the photo shooting and I accecpt the job. I went for the whole thing as well, then my life's unexpected situation suddenly appear in front of me this afternoon. Suddenly, the person in charge told me that they have to drop me out from major talent to a normal talent.
Then ask ME to help them to look for someone else to replace my place. Then my pay will drop more than 60%. This kind of unexpected situation is really quite a unreasonable one and unfair. Sometime I really don't understand about people's character and attitude. This is a kind of challenge that I am always facing. In the real world there are tons of people like that. In addition, there are very less people on earth that will really fight for you. But whenever they need help, they will definitely look for you. Or may be, I'm too easy to approach and too kind to people or is it that I got problem...?
Life is really full of myths and challenges. I think I've gone through quite a number of problems lately. As I say, on the road of growing, there are lots of unexpected situation will happen and things change half way and will meet different people and characters. Anyway, as long as I know what I am doing. Everyone has their own perception in anything, even to this article of mine. Nothing is perfect and noone can change the fundamental of your soul. But only to enhance and to improve.
Till then, I feel relief after spilling out my thoughts... good night & sweet dreams to myself !

Undergoing a photo shooting is not easy yet is FUN...!!!

Whoa... Being a model is not easy as it seems to be...! Being a model you must have a good smile on your face and your expression have to be very real even though you are not in the real situation/mood. Your brain need to be always ready to think/react/imagine of what expression you have required to do. Sometimes the art director/photographer would want you to have a very serious look on your face but sometimes he/she just want you to have a smile on your face, and etc.
When they want you to laugh, you really have to crack some jokes in your head in order to make yourself laugh as real as it can be. Even simple smile can be differentiate into lots of types. A certain smile or laughter can resemble that you look like an idiot/nuts but some smile can really make you look cool, surprised, happy, and etc.
I have just experienced it last week for 2 days. The photo shooting really takes up a lot of time and most of us have to wait there and take turns to take photos. Because the art director have to think and arrange who is suitable for that particular scene/situation. Does the person have the look for that part. Not only that, he have to mix match the colours of what we are wearing for the top, in order to have the contrast and to get the best effect out of it.
During one of the shots, me and JinDi have to laugh and as if we had a nice joke. But, for that shot, he really crack some dirty jokes and we both really laugh and I can't stand him, he is funny. When we were so called 'tortured/forced' to laugh the time, the art director his assistants were laughing at us also and they seem to be happy. Due to seeing both of us laughing like mad people. Hahahaha...
Other than that, we (me, Arvin, Melissa, JinDi, & co.) even crack about cheese cakes. Due to, we are holding a poster of a cheese cake. The art director also tell us about a new type of cake whereby is his own recipe which is 'Durian, Cheese, Butter...???' someting la... we couldn't stand him also. The art director is also a very happy and funny guy.
I get to make some new friends from Mass Comm. during this photo shooting. It's an amazing experience and memories. We really enjoy man...
-will upload the photo when I received them.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Last Week was a Rush Week for me... 15th July 06'

Wow, I need a break man. Last week was a hectic week for me, got lots of meet ups to do and activities going on. Before Sheau Lan left, meet her up for lunch and tea. Then my normal capoeira class in Taylor's College and my own training in the Academy. Suddenly last Saturday, I became a photographer to help my friend to take photo for his brother's marriage registration ceremony. That was really an experience, witnessing all the procedures and documentations, and the process. Then lastly, you will hear the most important line which is 'now I pronounce you husband and wife'. That is really fun man... Get to feel the feeling of a newly wedds couple and you will automatically feel happy for them and wish them prosperity and together forever.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Celebration of Adrian's Birthday at Red Box Karaoke

Hey, I am glad that my friend Adrian invited me for his birthday and we eventually gave him a nice gift before we went to Red Box. We were having our normal training and we gave him a nice birthday roda. He will get additional 2 more rodas for tomorrow and this coming Saturday street roda at Bangsar. Happy Birthday again Adrian. Hope you really have a nice and enjoyable celebration.

Everyone really sing in the karaoke room. We have buffet dinner and we have cakes to eat. Hehehe... The most happening part is when there is a song whereby noone knows how to sing, everyone will just simply sing out something and the mood is just there. During the cake session, everyone was so crazy until after the birthday song, they selected a chinese new year song to be the background song for the cake cutting session.

After the whole thing, the mood went down and left about 15 minutes, whenever there are songs to sing, they will just sing until the 1st part of the chorus then they will change to the next song due to limited time. Hehehe... After the whole thing, everyones voice are rough and our throat are so dry out. We conclude the night 'yam cha' at Restaurant Rafi in SS15.

Till then good night and Happy Birthday to Adrian. 11 July 2006

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Emotional moment... Brazil lost to France. How can that be ?

The match of Brazil vs France is an important match for the Brazillian fans. Even I'm not really into football, but I will still want to watch the match. The game of last night was really in pressure. The Frnech team are playing marking style, because whenever Ronaldinho gets the ball, there will be 3 French attacking him. Then when Ronaldo gets the ball, before he can enter the penalty box, he got kicked down by the French. The Brazilians really playing hard this morning. They got quite a number of opportunity to score wrong timing. Ronaldinho's corner kicks was good but the timing and the adjustment of the team mates is not right, then missed out and the French will just kick the ball out. Sigh !
The most frustrated part was during the last few extra minutes, when Ronaldinho got the ball and he manage to cut through the French and heading towards the goal, but the referee just blow the whistle and gave a free kick to the French team. I mean there is no faul but whyblow the whistle...? Why..? How can that be... ?
The French team is lucky to have 2 good players in their team which is Henry and Zidane. Henry is a dangerous player because he got a pairs of sharp eyes, and whenever he gets the ball, there will be a high possibility for him to score. That's how he plays for Arsenal Football Club.
Nyway, Brazillians never give up that easily... I believe that after 4 years later, Brazil will definitely get back the cup...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Spending a great time in Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland here I come...!!! My little cousie has planned all these for me and at the same time she can have fun as well. She's a very cute and smart little gal. She's so adorable and her mind is full of surprises for everyone. This is my 1st time to Disneyland at this age, but when I was 5 yrs old I went to Wonderland in Sydney, Australia. The entrance of Disneyland Hong Kong is full and packed with people from China,Hong Kong, and other foreign travellers because it was a Saturday and the weather is hot. The theme park is really wide and spacious. While you enter the entrance, you can hear the most unique and nice music from the Walt Disney. There are speakers around everywhere. You can see your favourite cartoon characters walking around and taking pictures with the kids and adults. Basically everyone there is back to their childhood memories. I enjoyed the Golden Mickey Theater and the Simba Show. Nevertheless, Disney on Parade, and the Mickey's Philhar Magic (3D Theater). The Mickey's Philhar Magic is so special due to their special effect which is when the screen shows splashing of water and there are real water sprinkled towards all the audience. These are the most special performance and as well as the rest of the rides. I enjoy 1 of the ride which is The Space Mountain, it was a thrilling ride and exciting. After that, we went to play the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which is helping Commander Buzz Lightyear to shoot and to destroy Zurg. Hahaha...I can't really shoot well like my cousie and my aunty, they are better than me. Nyway, I took pictures with most of the cartoon character e.g. Mickey & Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, Chip & Dale, Pluto, Princess Aurora, and etc. Can't manage to take picture with Snow White, Buzz Lightyear, Sleeping Beauty, and the rest. We went for the Jungle River Cruise, there are lots of surprises and the captain of the boat have lots of sense of humor while explaining and guiding the tour. Then, I went to take picture with most of the main cartoon character and everyone is queueing up for the same thing. It was so hot and I'm sweating like noones business. You guys can see from the picture, even Mickey, Goofy, and Donald helps to fan me and show me signs to cool down. Hahaha...Everyone go for shopping at their souvenir outlet, people are shopping for t-shirts, mugs, soft toys, key-chains, chocolates & candies, and etc. When night falls, everyone will gather in front of the Sleeping Beauty's Castle to watch the fireworks show.

The only words that I can hear is 'whoa...' because everyone is amazed by the fireworks show. After the show, everyone is heading towards the main entrance of Disneyland with a very exhausted yet relaxed expression, but in their heart is still very excited and cheerful because The Magical World of Disneyland has created a magical experience for them... It was really a world of Magic...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Having fun with Grupo Capoeira Brasil Hong Kong

Whoa... I'm actually having holiday in Hong Kong, but this trip is a bit more educational in a way. Hehehe... not in my Hospitality Management Theory, but in my Capoeira training. I got the chance to meet up a different group in Hong Kong. They are the Grupo Capoeira Brasil Hong Kong. I meet up with Instructor Chumbinho who is currently taking care of the group here.

They haven't got their own academy yet, so Instructor have to travel to different places to teach in the sports centres. Tonight I ended up with one of his class which is located at Kowloon Park. The class was not too packed tonight, just around 8 student including me. normally they have about 15 - 20 students. It was a great training exposure with them and I picked up a few training drills tonight and we change partners quite often.

I know the moves we do but I just can't get the names right. I'll write it down next time. Sorry mates ! These Capoeiristas here are quite easy going guys, they really have fun in the class and they really enjoy playing Capoeira.

Especially when they are playing in the roda with thier instructor. I tried my very best to play in the roda and with everyone. They are good and they really apply what they've just learned. I've got a few advice from the Instructor after I've played with him, it's a good game. I really enjoy myself. Guys, it's fun to get to know other Capoeiristas.

Not to worry, I will keep this blog updated... Cos I will still be training with the Instructor for a few more classes and with different Capoeiristas. I will join their public roda in Mong Kok on the 25th June and as well as their 1st Anniversary on the 29th June.

Valeu karat, boa noite...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

being so exhausted and tired of exams...friends are leaving too...

Was being so exhausted and tired after a whole week of EXAMS... Every night stay up until 3am or 4am. Putting on weight as well, cos everytime after our study group finishes, we will go 'yam cha'. I don't know why, I'm eating 'nasi lemak' for most of the nights. Then my stomach will be steaming in side and sometimes like simmering water. Hehehehe...
I think I know why am I so exhuasted, cos we are actually discussing and arguing our topic and stressing to know the answer. I can say that, this gruop of friends are very different from others. We can even make jokes and teasing each other during the discussion and revision. The topic of laughter will be 'me'. But sometime I'm lucky so I can escape from the teasing part. Anyway, we are free from exams and now having holidays.....yeah...
The sad part for me is that, some of my friends are leaving Malaysia and going back to their own country. The Finnish students are leaving, my 2 capoeira mates are leaving too. Contente is leaving for Brazil then Canada, Asad will be going to China... These people are fantastic people, they are friendly, kind, cheering, playful and etc.... I am going to miss you guys... 'sob sob'... As I said, memories are always sweet... Cheers to you all and all the best i future....

We shall meet again...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My expereince towards playing Capoeira...

Capoeira is basically a very unique martial-art form. It's an Afro-Brazilian martial-art whereby consists of martial-art, dance, songs, music, fitness training, rituals, games, history, language, culture and etc.

I joined Capoeira is all after the movie called 'ONLY THE STRONG' acted by Mark Dacascos. That time I'm still very young about 13yrs old maybe.
I can say that I'm quite fortunate enough to join the group named, Grupo Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. Basically this is my 1st martial-art background after 20yrs.

From the day I started playing or training Capoeira until today is nearly 10 months. I can say that, there are still a long way to go in order to know and to feel more about Capoeira spirits. The basic movements plays a very important role in Capoeira and it builds the inner strength out from our individual body. Capoeira is not only about how to fight or do any acrobatics moves...

It's also about Brazilian culture,history and customs. At least now I can only count from 1-10 in Brazilian Portuguese.

1st of all, I don't really like histories but I just don't know how I can remember about the history of Capoeira. The beginning of the training will be tough, but after when your body get used to the strecthes and the control of your body and soul. You will enjoy the game and the martial-art.
Other than only doing 'ginga','negativa','meia lua','armada','compasso',queixada', and etc.

I get to learn how to play the very unique instrument called Berimbau.
It represent Capoeira and it is the main instrument compared to the Atabaque(floor drum/Conga) and Pandeiro (tamarind).

Other than that, I learn how to sing the Capoeira songs. It will be in my head like for the whole week o even worse. That is the good thing, but I can't lead in the roda because I'm still struggling to sing out from my throat. Everything takes time to learn and to adapt. Practice makes improvement not perfect. At the starting point, I felt pressured and wanted to acheive a certain level in the whole training and game. Until I talk to my seniors and my instructor, I realise that Capoeira is an on-going training and we can't give ourselves pressure. We have to enjoy the game and the training. Train without pressure can really make a differnce.

Now, I can see my progression in the whole game of Capoeira. Basically the comments are from my instructor and my seniors who train with me and trying their best to mould and drill me. They spill out whereever is my mistakes and weakness. Then they will correct me and support me. In this whole Capoeira game is all about supporting and cheering for your friends in the game. But fortunately I have a group of training mates that train with me and we have fun together.

The pictures which are in this blog are basically the activities and the happy moments of me and the rest of the Capoeiristas from Grupo Bantus Capoeira Malaysia. As well as the Grupo Taylor's Bantus Capoeira Club, they are still very fresh and they enjoy themselves during training and they really communicate well to each other. Basically, Capoeira is a very big family and Bantus is not small as well. We will try our very best to grow this Bantus family.


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

time flies...things change...

Things nowadays can really just change after a click or a blink. The Finnish students are going to leave soon and in my circle of friends will short of a few in KL, but my network is growing all the way to Finland.

Just a few blink,they are leaving and now I am an undergraduate and I'm starting to seek for employment or a place for my internship. Trying to go overseas but is not that easy as it seems, there are lots of paperwork and research to be done... I'm feeling like sitting in a rollercoaster or a mary-go-round in this period of time.

Maybe is just a beginning and this will pass and very soon...'I hope'...!
there's a saying, :'whenever after a rain comes, there will be a sunny day.'
I hope my sunny day will come...very soon....